5 best podcasts for creative freelancers

5 best podcasts for creative freelancers

Know the thrill of being a freelancer in the creative sector?

It`s both fascinating and scary. In theory, being your own boss, choosing your clients and managing your projects is a dream job.

But in reality, many of us struggle financially and emotionally.

There`re no easy answers, but learning from those who have experience with it is a step in the right direction. That`s why we`ve curated a list of three actionable podcasts to help creatives sustain and scale their freelance business:

1. The Accidental Creative

It`s a great resource providing twice-weekly tips and interviews with leading leaders, thinkers and artists.

There is an abundance of exciting topics you may follow. From weekend rituals that will refresh your creativity to how to lower your expectations and master the power of storytelling. Give the podcast a try.

2. Being boss

Who doesn`t want to be their own boss, calling all the shots and doing what they love? Please let me know if you don`t, because most of us are striving towards that vision.

In this podcast, aspirting entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side-hustlers can learn about the mindset, habits, routines, and boundaries necessary to become your own boss. Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon are terrific hosts that will take the listeners on a journey of exploration and self-improvement.

3. High-income Business Writing

This podcast is specifically intended for copywriters and writers who want to earn more in less time doing work they love for better clients.

The host whose name is Ed is a business-building coach and strategist who studies happy and succesful frelancers. He dives into their habits, strategies and technques to help writers achieve freelance success despite of the hardships in the overall economy and the way the market is evolving.

4. Yout Creative Start

Looking for a podcast to help you get started your own business and become known for your creative something? Check out this podcast because it covers topics like getting started, dealing with self-doubt, what to do in a creativity rut, learning from mistakes and many others.

For instance, the last two episodes talked about marketing your business. A pretty essential skill, right?

5. Talk Social to Me

Speaking about growing your own freelance business, it`s impossible to ignore social media. Creative types who want to learn how to use it properly can listen to the podcast hosted by Stevie Dillon, and Aussie based Social Media Strategist who shares her experience in the social media world.

She is also interviewing small businesses who have managed to succeed on social media. Spend some time listening to this one because you will receive lots of practical tips and inspiration for your own social media channels.

Inspired to start listening? Learn from the experts and take your freelance practice to the next level. It`s easier when we share knowledge and experience.

There is no matter what do you work. There is no matter in what sphere you will be freelancer. It is very important to read a lot of booksbusiness books, psychology, or fiction, all of them are important.

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