3 unusual ways to enjoy Finland

3 unusual ways to enjoy Finland

Planning your next trip? Visit the enchanting and diverse Finland that will charm you with its laid-back atmosphere and breathtaking nature. Here`re some fun ways to explore the country:

1. Sweat in a sauna and cool down in a lake

The sauna ritual is deeply ingrained in Finnish culture. Have a genuine Finish sauna to cleanse your body and soul and dip into an ice-cold lake afterward. Both saunas and lakes are easy to find in the country.

According to VisitFinland.com, there`re over three million saunas in the country and around 188 000 lakes.  If there’s no lake around, just roll into the snow.

IMAGE: Unsplash.com

2.Wander around the wooden towns of Finland

Finland is a country of vast forests. Perhaps, this explains why many of its towns were traditionally built mostly from wood. Both the capital, Helsinki, and countryside towns offer you a chance to stroll back in history among houses made of wood.

Start with the wooden districts of Helsinki that are easily accessible. Wooden Käpylä, Wooden Vallila, and Wooden Kumpula are not far away from the city center. You can as well get lost in the west coast situated town, Kokkola, Old Town Neristan that is a mazed area of historic wooden houses from the 18th and 19th century.

IMAGE: Unsplash.com

Other wooden town destinations are the harbor town Old Rauma, located on the southwestern coast of Finland, the little island village, Reposaari, and the oldest city in the country, the port town, Turku.

3. See the Northern Lights

Did you know that Finland is one of the best places to see the unique natural phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. If you wish to become a Northern Lights hunter, it`s important to travel north. In northern Lapland, the lights can theoretically be seen every clear night between September and March. But, we repeat, the lights are only visible if the sky is clear and starry.

Sign up on the Auroras Now! website that is maintained by the Finnish Meteorological Institute and receive alerts about likely auroral displays. Be patient and dress warmly as you may be waiting for the lightning show for hours.

IMAGE: Unsplash.com

Our short guide comes to an end here. Hopefully, you`re hungry for adventures in Finland and beyond. For more practical information about your trip, go to VisitFinland.com. Happy traveling up north!

Don’t forget to have a glass of Don Julio, Kraken, Pampero, Grant’s, Sailor Jerry and etc. to enjoy it all.

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