1 min Guide to Content Creation

1 min Guide to Content Creation

Ever heard the term content creation?

Content creation is a process of generating topic ideas that may be useful and/or interesting for your buyer persona, according to HubSpot`s marketing blog. Then, the actual process of creating different types of content comes in – may be anything from blog posts and videos to infographics and other formats.

So, how to create content that`s absolutely compelling and avidly consumed by your target audience?

1. Set content goals

Content creation resembles other marketing campaigns. It should be in line with your marketing goal and company goals.

The goals can vary. Some may include attracting new visitors to our site, while others may be focused on generating more leads or improving engagement with your posts.

But what`s important is to define clear goals before creating the actual content.

2. Create a Buyer Persona

If you`ve already decided on your main goals, it`s time to think of your buyer persona. Who is the buyer you`re speaking to? What`re their needs, interests, and demographics? What content would they like to see? And where in the buyer`s journey (Awareness Stage, Consideration Stage, Decision Stage) are they positioned?

Consulting with your sales and marketing team and learning more about your existent and potential buyers will help you create content that curated for real humans. Content that`s not generic fluff, but useful for them.

3. Distribute your content

Now that you`ve created tailor-made content for your buyer personas, it`s time to promote your content across social media. First, stop for a moment and think about where your buyer personas spend their time? Are they on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

Then, read about the latest trends in each of these social media channels. It might be the case that Facebook posts that get the most engagement are formulated as questions and always have an image. But on LinkedIn articles might work best. Experiment and track what works best.


Our quick content creation guide is just the start. Continue reading and keeping up with the latest trends. Try new things, analyze the results and be ready to adapt to what the audience wants. In today`s world, content is clearly the future of marketing. Master it to make your business stand out from the crowd.

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