Is No More But What Are The Alternatives? Is No More But What Are The Alternatives?

We have all encountered links in product descriptions, compelling content, blog posts, etc. The truth is, links are really useful when you want to share something with your readers. But hey, nobody likes long web links – they are old-fashioned, outdated, boring, inconvenient, trustless, you name it. Luckily, we have URL shorteners that make them more appealing. I mean, which one is looking better? This one:

or this one:

In fact, Google launched its own URL shortener in 2009 to make our lives easier. However, the tech giant announced on March 30 that it is turning down support for The platform will be available between April 13, 2018, until March 30, 2019, but only for users logged in their Google accounts. From April 1, 2019, will become Firebase Dynamics Links. The good news is that all created links will remain active despite the upcoming changes.

Since is not what it once used to be, we have prepared for some simple alternatives in the following list.

1. Bitly

Type ‘’URL shortener” in any search engine and Bitly comes first for a reason. Even Google suggests you should use it once becomes inactive. The platform offers exciting services like tracking links and integration with various apps like TwitterFeed and TweetDeck.

2. TinyURL

Another free URL shortening service. Yes, it works just fine and it even lets you fix the short version if you don’t like it. Honestly, TinyURL does not impress with design and well, it looks somewhat old compared to other services.

3. AdFly

AdFly shortens your links just like any other platform out there. The slight difference is that you can generate a small revenue stream when people click on your shortened links. Simply said, the more people follow your AdFly links, to more money you earn. Of course, the income is small so it would be odd to solely rely on it.


You have all heard McAfee – the cybersecurity company that develops antivirus, malware protection, email security and anything in between. McAfee has its own URL shortener that keeps your links protected. Well, this is hardly surprising, having in mind its portfolio. Just pay attention that short links contain more characters than they would if generated somewhere else.

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