Tips on How to Take Pictures with a Phone Camera

Tips on How to Take Pictures with a Phone Camera

Taking good photos is no longer limited to professional cameras and other sophisticated photographic tools. Whether you are a journalist, marketer or just a photography lover, you could use the camera on your phone to capture satisfactory good images. But how to do it exactly? Here are our tips on how to take pictures with the camera on your phone:

1. Check the settings of your phone

First of all, it might be necessary to check the settings of your phone. Every camera is different but there are some things that can be said as a general recommendation. For example, make sure that your camera lens is clean. If this is not the case, the dirt can blur your image. To avoid that effect, wipe it out with a clean cloth.

Secondly, it is necessary to choose the highest resolution possible. This is important because the quality of your picture would be better at the end and you can even print the photo if you need to.

Next, it would be better if you could turn off all effects and frames. If you still want to add special effects and filters, it is much better to do so with software programs like Photoshop, among others.

2. Beware of the light

When taking a picture, it is essential to make sure that the subjects you are capturing are well-lit. Artificial light like a fluorescent light is not recommended. Also, avoid using a flash when taking pictures in settings that lack the necessary light. The effect is quite unnatural.

3. Frame and focus your image

Most importantly, try to keep your hand still so that your pictures are not getting blurred. Also, take the picture by making sure that all the objects you want to include in the composition are in place. Make sure that they are big enough and avoid zooming as this may reflect on the quality of the picture.

While these tips may sound like something you already know, if you follow them strictly, this may improve the quality of your pictures. For more in-depth tips on how to take better pictures with a phone camera check out the article published by WikiHow or take a photography course for beginners. High-quality pictures are no longer reserved only for professional photographs, each of us can now improve their photography skills by reading and practicing. Don`t forget to share your awesome images with the world! 🙂

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