Best 3 Places for Chocolate Lovers

Best 3 Places for Chocolate Lovers

Who doesn`t like a piece of high-quality chocolate that simply melts in your mouth? Chocolate lovers all over the world agree that this is the Earth`s representation of true paradise. In search of this irresistible taste, we have compiled a list of the top 3 destinations for chocolate lovers, that you have to see, with your love partner, or friend, or why not alone:

1. Brussels, Belgium

Our sweet escape starts in Brussels or the so-called “chocolate capital of the world”. If you have ever tried Belgian chocolate, you probably know why Brussels is our first stop.
The Belgian chocolate industry came in the spotlight after inventing the praline, a chocolate shell with a soft heart. The country produces more than 172,000 tons of chocolate per year while there are more than 2,000 chocolate shops within its borders, according to statistics quoted by BBC.

Want to experience the rich and creamy taste of Belgian pralines? Visit one of the numerous artisan shops or explore the Brussels Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate.

2. Zurich, Switzerland

When fantasizing about tasty chocolate delights, you usually think of Switzerland. The imagination of every chocaholic sees Switzerland as a magical place – a dreamland offering sweet and satisfying chocolate pleasures. While in Zurich, you can visit the factories and stores of Lindt, Treascher, and Sprungli, among other favorite brands.

To fully explore the world`s most tempting chocolates, take the Chocolate train that runs between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory at Broc. Make yourself comfortable at the train`s vintage panorama coaches and prepare your senses for the ultimate chocolate tasting that awaits at Broc.

3. Paris, France

France has made romance and chocolate their specialty. And the two seem to be the perfect match. Soak up the romantic Parisian atmosphere while walking around the small streets full of artisan chocolate shops. Surrender to your sensations and discover French chocolate that is famous for its top quality ingredients and original recipes.

For a truly authentic experience, book a ticket for the World Chocolate Masters. Usually held in Paris, the event aims to source inspirations defining the cocoa and chocolate flavors of tomorrow.

Good chocolate can transfer us in another world. Why not leaving reality for a while with a heavenly chocolate bar? European chocolate artisans are there for you. Pay them a visit 🙂

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