How To Boost Your Website Traffic - Games

How To Boost Your Website Traffic - Games

I know it may sound trite but games have been attracting traffic from the very beginning of the WWW until today and they do it very effectively. You are simply required to think of a scenario for a game, which you would start on your website, and provide a prize for the winners. Then you share the information about the game and the prizes on the social networks and consumers will start flowing towards your website willing to win something. Of course, along with the game, they will also learn about your activity, products, and services.

Attention – non-targeted games

It is very important to consider the rules of the game and the prize carefully, so as to limit the number of consumers to those you are interested in. For instance, if you offer accounting services, a “holiday to Malta” is not the best prize option you can come up with. The game will attract all kinds of people, who are not interested in accounting services but only in the free trip. However, if you offer a 50%View post discount for your services for a certain period of time, this will limit the number of consumers willing to join the game but there will be a great chance for those who do stay in the game to become your clients in the future. The selection of the prize may determine the type of the audience that will join the game.

Such a limitation can be also achieved through the terms and conditions of the game. This way the prize offered is not of primary importance, as long as it is attractive enough to grab the attention of consumers. Eliminating the people, who would never become your clients, can be done in different ways. For instance, some games require the purchase of a certain product or service. Others require consumers to take actions that not everyone can do.

Recently, we worked on a game for baby laundry detergent targeting young mothers. The prizes were a portable computer, a laptop, and a camera. Three items that have nothing to do with the detergent and the laundry and respectively they can attract the attention of both men and women aged between 12 and 65. The restriction was set in the game’s scenario – a contest for pictures of children aged 0 to 3, who are dressed in costumes of popular cartoon characters, competing for the first, second, and third prize. The rules automatically eliminated people, who did not have babies in this age group.

Consolation prizes

When you announce one or several big prizes, consumers are competing for them. Sometimes, however, thousands of consumers join the game. It is a good practice to provide free samples of your product for more of them. Such a surprising development in the game, when you suddenly decide to hand out consolation prizes to 50 or 100 consumers, you automatically improve your image before the participants. Furthermore, if your product is of good quality and you organize the game to distribute free samples to the right people, there is a great chance for them to start using your product actively. If the service you offer cannot be sent in the form of a sample, you can share out codes or coupons for special discounts.

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