Making Money From URL Shortening

Making Money From URL Shortening

The internet is an environment established with the purpose to forward the consumer from one place to another with a single click in a fast and easy way. This is what most of the models are based on. Websites like offer a highly irritating but efficient advertising environment. I guess you have happened to come across links posted in a comment on Facebook, Skype, or another forum, which are multiple-line long. Apart from looking unattractive, often such links exceed the character limit.

In Twitter, for instance, a post cannot exceed 280 characters. And here come the websites offering the URL shortening service. With this service, a link of the type:, can be turned into a short and nice link of the type:

In contrast to the thousands of similar websites, the gives you the opportunity to make money when you use their URL shortening system. The reason is that when the consumer clicks on the link, they do not enter the address of the long link directly. Just on contrary, the consumer is forwarded to a page created by especially for this purpose where another page is opened, usually of an advertiser and a 5-second counter. After these 5 seconds expire, the consumer may press the “skip this ad” button and go directly to the real website the link directs to.

The advertisers pay to generate traffic on their website and this is exactly what does. To make everyone happy the owners of the system pay to the creator of the shortened URL a few cents per each consumer, who clicks on the shortened link.

This is a really accessible way of making money because you do not even need approval – you just register in about a minute and start generating links. It is important to note that you do not need a website to use the system – you can work entirely on the social networks, forums, or other channels that allow you to post such links. This means that you can accumulate huge number of clicks from random consumers for a short time. That is why you do not earn whole cents but less than a cent per each click. This way the owners of the system guarantee themselves efficiency at the expense of low costs given to consumers, who provide them with clicks of very poor quality.

Although being easily accessible this model is highly unpleasant for the end-consumer, while the profit cannot meet the needs even of a schoolchild. If you want to get rich and to do real online business, this is not one of the successful models. Still, if your goal is to earn some pocket money, you are free to test it. If you are a fan of multi-level marketing, then this system offers you an address of the type:, with which you can invite your friends to become part of the system. They do not pay anything but, on the other hand, you will earn a share from their incomes.

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