Partnership Networks – Interesting Practices

Partnership Networks – Interesting Practices

Often people choose to create their own online business connected with their interests. Football fans, who launch their own websites for football prognoses, are an interesting example of this. In these websites, the authors and the visitors discuss the forthcoming football matches and offer their prognoses for the final results. Such websites are blooming because of the partnership programs, because everywhere around the debates and prognoses you can find many betting odds, links to recommended bookmakers where to place your bets, and other instruments helping consumers make a decision and get the best possible profit.

I give an example exactly with the sports betting because some time ago a taxi driver, who knew me from the regular courses we make throughout the city, started convincing me of making the biggest website for sports betting. He offered to go around the city with his taxi and collect and pay the money to people’s addresses. This practice is also known as “illegal bookmaking” and it is prohibited by law.

Over the past ten years, I have received more than five proposals to develop such websites with more and more complicated, abstract, and to a large extent legally ungrounded schemes. Sports betting is monitored by the state gambling authorities. If someone wishes to start their own sports betting website, they have to pay initial fees to file an application and have their documents reviewed, and then more to get a gambling permit. Using the partnership programs of already established bookmakers, the owners of such websites may start making profit right after they start their project, the investment in which may be of less than $200. What is interesting in this case is that internet entrepreneurs are making money from gambling without having anything to do with it because they are simply providing prognoses and information about the sports events and not bookmarker’s services.

Price comparison website

Even in my country, there is a high number of website comparing the prices of products in different online stores. For instance, imagine that you are looking for a concrete cell phone but you do not know where you can buy it at the most profitable price. You enter such a price comparison website, submit the name of the product in the search line and you get the results of tens of stores and their prices. Whether you will choose the lowest price or the store you trust, is absolutely up to you but the price comparison website will give you full and detailed information so as to make an informed choice instead of leaving it to chance. Apart from saving the time and nerves of searching for the same thing in tens of different places, these websites are some well-working affiliate machines. If you click on the link and buy the product, the price comparison website will earn a commission for sending a client to the concrete online store. Easy and simple.

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