How to Write Social Media Posts That Work?

How to Write Social Media Posts That Work?

What is the first thing you do in the morning after sipping your coffee? Chances are you start your day by browsing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And this is just the start. You do it over and over again while commuting to work, at the office, at the coffee house, you name it.

According to statistics, Facebook alone has more than 1.4 billion daily active users on average. Judging by these numbers, social media posts seem to be quite important for your business. They can attract new customers, drive revenues and affect your brand`s reputation. Here is a quick guide on how to create social media posts that actually work:

Know Your Audience

Do your homework and research your target audience. For example, you can start by identifying 3-5 buying personas. Who are the people you are talking to? How old are they, what are their interests, pains, and wishes? It is important to write for these people. Write content that they actually care about, whether you write about varicose veins, proteins, vitamins, or women’s shoes.

And put them at the center of the story.

But how to achieve this? Go through social media channels and forums, where your buying personas happen to be active. Get to know their interests and frustrations. Then, you can use these insights to write tailor-made content that resonates with them. Address them directly (by using “you”), and try to strike a conversation.

Write Content that Invites Sharing

Social media is all about sharing. Naturally, you want people to share your content. But how to make them do it?The New York Times Customer Insight Group conducted a study on the psychology of sharing and word-of-mouth movements. Here are some of the most common reasons people share information with others:

1. To bring valuable and entertaining content to others. Sharing allows people to inform others about products or services they care about, according to 49% of the respondents.
2. To define themselves in front of others. 68% say they share to give people a sense of who they are.
3. To grow relationships. Sharing helps people stay in touch with others, according to 78% of respondents
4. To feel involved. 69% of respondents say they share information because it helps them feel more involved in groups and communities.
5. To support causes. As 84% of respondents say, sharing is a way to support causes they care about.

Having people’s psychology in mind, try to craft content that is valuable and/or entertaining for your audience. For instance, try writing how-to posts, and include practical tips that your audience finds useful. To make your audience feel connected to others, write messages that invite tagging and sharing. Thus, you help your readers start a conversation. Last but not least, you can promote a cause that appeals to the values of your audience. It could be everything from gender equality to animal care, depending on your audiences` interests. Still, avoid offensive language and too controversial topics.

Don’t Underestimate the Visuals

Peoples` attention on social media is heavily limited – sometimes you have just a few seconds to get your message across. One way to grab users` attention is to use powerful visuals.

But make sure that visuals and words combine perfectly to tell the same story. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not be too abstract. Your message should be sweet and simple, and most importantly recognizable by your target audience.

Now that you know how to write social media posts that get noticed, it is time to use your skills. Use your creativity, experiment and connect with your audience. This will help you get the likes and shares you deserve.

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