How To Make A Pitch Deck?

How To Make A Pitch Deck?

This is a brief presentation of the future business, which should include several compulsory elements:

Introduction – A brief presentation of who you are and what you are fighting for. Although advisable, this part can be skipped.

Team – It is advisable to show pictures and brief biographic (professional) profiles of each member of the team. If you can explain why each one of them is important for the project and how they will contribute to it, you will be more than good.

Problem – What kind of a problem does your product solve? It is advisable to think about why no one else has already solved it since this consumer problem is so important. Or is it that consumers have not recognized it as a problem but you wish to present it as such?

Advantages – Explain what it is that makes your project different from and competitive with other similar products. Although most of the candidates love to claim that they are different because they are unique and first in the segment, you should better not take the risk with such bombastic phrases. You will feel embarrassed if you have already declared yourself “the first” and your investors fire at you at least three names you have never heard of but have been working in your niche for years. Apart from the embarrassment, you will also lose the investor.

Solution – After you have defined the problem, it is time to briefly explain how you are going to solve it. Do not try to hide anything from the people, who will finance your project because this will make you look like as if you do not know what you are doing, rather than protecting yourself from having your idea stolen.

Product – Now you have to show the different applications of your solution or product. You should show demo versions, prototypes, beta versions.

Potential – Can you prove that your project has potential? Where do you get your data from? Show feedback for the test product and your studies on the issue.

Market – How big is your market? What is the target of your business, how big the niche is, what market share you can achieve in the first years, and of course, how all this is sized up in figures in terms of clients and money?

Competition – Are you faced with competition, and who are they? If you have already declared yourself the one and only, this section can only confirm it. Still, if there is competition, you should tell this to the people, who will finance you, and you should be as honest as possible. Sometimes the fact that there is great competition is not a signal for possible failure but rather a signal that there are serious investments and potential in the sector.

Business model – Explain briefly and clearly how your business is going to make profit. At first sight, it seems that this is the easiest part of the presentation but it is the most complex and important one. You should not enter too deep into details – try to show the money flow from the client towards you as simply as possible. It will be good to use slides and supporting materials.

Budget – It is clear that it is impossible to present a budget for the next 2-3 years in a brief presentation. That is why you should simply show what expenses, revenues, and profits you expect for each year. What will be the amount of the investment, when do you expect to break even, and what will be the yield over the next 5 years.

Your contacts – Make sure that the presentation includes your contacts and the contacts of the people in your team – telephones and emails. Check the data several times because I am sure you do not want to give a wrong number for a phone call that can turn you into a millionaire, do you?

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