Online Store In 1 Minute! Are You Ready?

Online Store In 1 Minute! Are You Ready?

After I told you how to make a media website in 30 minutes, an online store absolutely for free and in about an hour, now I have to think of new ways to shock you. In fact, what is really shocking is the attractiveness of the idea to have an online store in less than a minute. The time needed to make the online store depends on how fast you can type. To do so, go to and follow the instructions. But let me first tell you what it is all about.

In another article, we are going to describe the software as a service (SaaS) model in more detail, but now it is time to present it in the form of an online store. Different companies have focused themselves on the establishment of the perfect online store software. In order to share it with as many clients as possible, they make it available in the form of a service under the same principle used for free e-mails.

The e-mail service is found somewhere on Google or Yahoo’s server but you can use it as if it is yours. You can create your online store following the same principle as the only thing required to start with is to choose a name and fill in your email address and password. Later on, you will be asked for an address, name of the owner and… your store is ready. Then, with a few clicks, you can change the design, the functionalities, everything you can think of, while the store will be already online and working. You can start selling in two minutes, literally. As long as you can add a product and find a client for it 🙂

How come?” This is the question most of my clients and friends asked when I told them about this some time ago. In fact, you are making a subscription to a website that creates your own online store. It takes minutes but it is not for free. Generally, the prices of the different services vary between USD 14 and USD 170 a month. It is logical to ask yourself whether it is better to choose the option that comes absolutely for free. In the end, you pay nothing. Let’s do some math?

If you sum up the hosting for one year, the domain, the website design, the time needed for the installation and settings of PrestaShop, you will find out that the end-sum that you will spend on an online store of the SaaS type is almost the same, or it may also turn out that the second option is even better.

The SaaS store, however, allows you to start immediately without dealing with hosting, installation, updates, without asking your friends and relatives, who are programmers – you have the newest and most modern version, which upgrades itself once in every few weeks. You don’t have to think about hosting or anything else, you are focused only on the selling.

Usually, these products are created in a way that when you are small, the fee is small, too, while when you start making big profit, the resources that have been allocated to you are no longer enough to meet your needs and thus gradually you start moving to the more expensive subscription plans, which is absolutely normal. In the end, if you make your living by talking on the phone, it is logical to use the high-priced plans offered by the cell operator. Anyway, the price of this type of software products cannot grow more expensive forever. Each of them has a subscription plan, which offers endless resources for your online store and then you can be sure that no matter how much you earn, you will not have to leap to another, higher price category.

This way of working provides not only fast start but also freedom of cancellation – if you decide to close the store today, you can simply do so. However, in case you have prepaid the hosting, the money will be lost.

To summarize, this is the fastest and easiest way to realize your online store, as the initial investment will be only USD 14, plus the price of the domain –$25. Thus, for $40 you get everything you need to start your online business. On you can get more information about how to do it.

It is important to pay attention to a slight detail. When using the remote software service for your website, there is always an option to buy a domain to go with it along with your monthly subscription. Although this seems easier and tempting, it is not a good option. My advice is to use domain registrars, such as  The remote software services are specialized in what they offer but they are not focused on the registration and management of domains. If you wish to change the software platform with another one, or make different operations with the domain, it will be easier to do it through the administration control panel of your hosting company than the panels that the platforms for stores, forums, and blogs offer.

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