What Type Of Visitors Does Your Website Attract

What Type Of Visitors Does Your Website Attract

Who are your consumers?

After you have an answer to the question why you wish to realize an internet project and when you are convinced that your idea will contribute to satisfying the needs of consumers, you should find out your target group.

If your answer is “everyone”, go back to the previous sentence and ask yourself the question: “What consumer group is this project focused on?” A website targeting everyone faces a much higher risk of failure than a website targeting a concrete group of people. For instance, TechCrunch is focused on tech geeks, CoinMarketCap – on cryptocurrency enthusiasts, while Financial Times – on investors, business etc. It is also a fact that there are many websites targeting a wider range of people, but yet you should know what type of persons they are.

For instance, people, who read the news on Cnn.com, NBC News, and Fox, have absolutely different characteristics – age, state and hometown, monthly income, political affiliations, education, etc.

It is important to outline the target group of your website. If you have already decided this, it will be much easier to foresee the possible problems that may occur after the start, it will be easier to plan the advertising campaign focusing it on the concrete target groups and respectively you will know what the best way to present the content is.

Although it is not possible to judge from the very beginning what your concrete target group will be, you should at least sketch out what you wish it to be.

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