The Basics - What Are Domain And Hosting

The Basics - What Are Domain And Hosting

Let’s start with the ABC of it.

Although these words have entered the everyday life of people dealing with internet, I am obliged to explain them to those, who are just setting foot in the business, so I would ask the more experienced ones to be patient.

Plainly speaking, a domain is your web address. On the internet you will find numerous explanations, which are not clearer than the term itself and will only confuse you. A domain is or Registering such a name costs about $15 for a .COM, .NET, or .ORG domain. There are hundreds of “suffixes” of the domains, as each of them has a different price and registration conditions. More information is available on

Unless you have come up with a pun with the name and the suffix of the domain (, for instance), the best choice for a domain is one of the above-mentioned.

Web hosting is a service you cannot skip if you wish to develop a website. By paying for the web hosting you practically rent a part of a server, where you can upload the files on your website – program code, database, pictures, music, videos, and so on. You do not have to study the structure and functions of a web hosting service.

What is important for you is the annual fee – between $30 and $200, depending on the parameters of your web hosting plan. The parameters you should look for are basically two: disk space and monthly traffic. When your website grows bigger, you will become highly interested in more and more parameters, but at this stage, information about them will only be an unnecessary burden for you.

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