Submit Your Podcast To iTunes In 2 Easy Steps

Submit Your Podcast To iTunes In 2 Easy Steps

Now that you already manage your own podcast on WordPress you are ready to make the next step. Reach out to thousands of listeners and turn them into subscribers in just under 15 minutes.

It is easier than you think. All that you have to do is to submit your podcast to iTunes. How? Follow our quick guide and get your voice in one of the largest audio databases on the web.

Step 1.

See how your post looks like on iTunes. Open the iTunes app and go to “File”. Click “Subscribe to Podcast” and enter your feed URL. It should look something like:

When you enter your URL the platform will display a preview of your podcast.

How to submit your podcast to iTunes

In the example, it fetched subtitle, title, description, artwork and so on. If everything looks right, you can submit your podcast for real.

Step 2. Adding your podcast to iTunes

First of all, you got to make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. Update, if necessary. Open the iTunes Store and choose the podcast menu. Scroll down to the bottom. That’s where the submission button is.

How to submit your podcast to iTunes

You have to be logged-in to your Apple account to submit a podcast. The app will ask you for your Apple ID. Now you’re ready to paste your podcast’s feed URL just like you did in Step 1.

Now before your content goes live on iTunes it has to be reviewed by real humans, so it may take up some time but don’t freak out. If you use PowerPress, the iTunes platform will automatically acquire all necessary tags, descriptions, etc.

Yes, it was that easy! Congratulations!

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