How To Install Plugins On WordPress

How To Install Plugins On WordPress

We already showed you how to start your blog on WordPress and hopefully, you have now utilized the platform. But you feel that the basic WordPress functions are just enough for you. Is it time to customize your blog and make it the way it has to look? In this short article, we are going to show you how to install plugins on your website in order to make it more useful, appealing, professional, etc.

There are several ways to add plugins to your website and we will show you the most commonly used. Again, this is a beginner’s guide so we are only showing beginner friendly solutions. There are other options to install a plugin but we are focusing on the two that are used by the majority of WordPress clients.

Option 1.

Go to your dashboard and click “Plugins”. Then choose “Add New”. No matter what type of plugin you need, you can easily look for it in the search box. Type its name or a word that describes its purpose.

WordPress Plugin Installation

When the search is over you will see a list of many plugins. Go through the options and choose the plugins that correspond to your needs.

WordPress Plugin Installation

If you are looking for a way to maximize your social media presence the Floating Social Bar might be just for you. In the example, we install this plugin but the steps apply to every other as well. Once you’ve made your choice click “Install Now”.

WordPress downloads and installs plugins by itself but you have to do some adjustments after that.

WordPress Plugin Installation

Now the plugin is installed but won’t work until you activate it. Hit the “Activate” button and go ahead. Settings vary from one plugin to another so we are not showing you how to do them for Floating Social Bar because we might confuse you if you want to use another one.

Option 2.

If you have already downloaded a plugin from some other place you can upload it directly to your website.  Go to your dashboard and click “Plugins”. Then choose “Add New” and ‘’Upload”.

WordPress Plugin Installation

The page asks you to upload the file from your PC, pick your file and hit “Install Now”.

WordPress Plugin Installation

The page will notify you when the installation is ready. Do not forget to activate your plugin, otherwise, it will not work despite being installed.

Adjust your settings as you wish.


This is it. I hope you’ve found this article helpful. Enjoy your time spend on building your website.


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