Winter Inspiration: Best 3 European Festivals

Winter Inspiration: Best 3 European Festivals

Whether we like it or not, winter has arrived in Europe. But the cold weather should not be standing in the way of your adventure plans. Quite the opposite. If you are looking for some travel inspiration, be sure to check out our list of top European festivals to visit this winter:

1. The Amsterdam Light Festival

Winter can be disheartening with its long dark nights. If you dislike darkness and secretly long for the sunny summer days, you might want to visit the Netherlands this winter. The country’s capital Amsterdam is lighting up the night with a glowing open-air light art exhibition known as the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Designers, architects, and artists coming from 45 different countries showcase their work across the streets and canals of Amsterdam. To truly immerse into the atmosphere, take a romantic boat cruise and enjoy the illuminating light installations together with a glass of Glühwein. Art, light, and wine seem to be the perfect recipe for an unforgettable trip to keep you warm inside throughout the whole winter.

When? From November 30, 2017, until January 21, 2018
Who? Art lovers who wish to experience a charmingly different side of Amsterdam

2. Vinterjazz

Now that you have seen the cheerful light beams of Amsterdam, let us enjoy Copenhagen`s vibrant musical scene. It is jazz time in Denmark. How about spending the long winter nights in the company of beautiful music and a sip of good Danish beer?

Vinterjazz is a nationwide initiative that features more than 500 concerts, 100 venues and 25 independent organizers in the country`s biggest cities. It is a good excuse to meet international jazz stars, and Danish award-winners while traveling across the Danish countryside.

When? February 2 to February 25, 2018
Who? Jazz fans who want to discover Denmark` cultural beat

3. Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

This option is for those of you who really wish to rediscover their sunny summer mood. Pack your sunglasses and prepare for some serious summer fiesta on the Canary Islands. The only difference is that this Rio-like carnival is about to happen this winter.

What to expect when landing in Tenerife? Fifteen days of live music, extravagant dances and colorful costumes. You can as well witness the election of the Carnival Queen – a spectacular competition that takes place on the first Wednesday of the festivities. Enjoy the battle of glamorous dancers wearing costumes that can weigh more than 100 kilos. You might find yourself unconsciously joining the dancing crowds whereas following the beat of a dozen music groups performing on the streets.

When? February 7 to February 18, 2018
Who? Music and festival lovers who want to have a true Rio-like experience in Europe this winter

This is just a small travel inspiration list to keep your wanderlust alive and kicking even in the winter months. So, no more excuses, please. Forget the afternoon naps, tea parties, and knitting. It`s time for some serious winter fun. Discover Europe`s best festivals and don`t forget to share your experiences in the comments 🙂

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