To earn good or be good?

To earn good or be good?

Internet is an environment offering everyone a real chance to realize their ideas, no matter how absurd they are. With a little bit of pocket money and strong will, anyone can realize projects of unbelievable scale, as long as one is really well acquainted with the means, laws, and unwritten rules, which most of internet entrepreneurs know and follow, or sometimes deliberately break.

The most important thing you should start with is the idea. It is the crucial element that could either fire your project to the Internet heights or shatter it along with all the invested money, time and nerves…

My practical experience shows that almost any internet consumer has an idea about an internet project. Unfortunately, most of these ideas are focused on profits – how to make the website earn money, how to multiply this money, how to realize the project so as to sell it to another company with the purpose of a quick buck. It is important to know that when you create a website with the sole purpose of a “quick buck”, there is a minimum chance to make it successful. The reason is that internet consumers are not some idiots…, or at least most of them. To attract their attention and generate traffic to your project, the website needs to be focused entirely on the consumer. You must know the needs and desires of the visitors and satisfy them through your project.

My advice is to focus on the website idea – why you are doing it, what makes it better than the others, what more you can offer to consumers that they cannot find on other websites, what real consumer’s problem you can solve, how you can make consumers happy, and how you can change their lives. That is what it’s all about. If you focus on these concrete questions and develop the project with the sincere wish to make consumers happy, then you can be sure that your efforts will soon pay off.

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