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From the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone


The American West is full of natural wonders, from the breathtaking canyons to the rugged mountains. A road trip through this region is the perfect way to experience its beauty and diversity. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some tips for road tripping through the American West, including some secret places, bars, and free attractions.

The first stop on any road trip through the American West should be the Grand Canyon. This natural wonder is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but it’s still possible to find some secret spots away from the crowds. For example, the North Rim of the canyon is less visited than the South Rim, and it offers stunning views and plenty of hiking trails.

Another hidden gem in the American West is Monument Valley, a desert landscape that’s famous for its towering rock formations. You can take a guided tour or explore on your own, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an old western movie.

When it comes to bars, there are plenty of unique options in the American West. For example, in Sedona, Arizona, you can visit the Vortexes, a series of energy centers that are said to have healing powers. After a day of hiking and exploring, head to the Oak Creek Brewery for a pint of locally brewed beer.

Yellowstone National Park is another must-see destination on any road trip through the American West. This vast park is full of wildlife, geysers, and hot springs. While the main attractions are popular with tourists, there are plenty of hidden spots to discover, such as the Lamar Valley, which is known for its wildlife sightings.

If you’re looking for free attractions on your road trip, there are plenty to choose from in the American West. For example, you can visit the Painted Desert in Arizona, a colorful landscape that’s a photographer’s dream. You can also explore the Badlands National Park in South Dakota, which is full of rugged canyons and unique rock formations.

In conclusion, a road trip through the American West is an unforgettable experience, full of natural wonders, hidden gems, and unique bars. By venturing off the beaten path and exploring the secret spots, you can truly immerse yourself in the region’s beauty and diversity. Whether you’re visiting the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, or Yellowstone National Park, there’s something for everyone on a road trip through the American West.

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