Wonders of Peru - From Machu Picchu to the Amazon

Wonders of Peru - From Machu Picchu to the Amazon

Peru is a country that’s rich in culture, history, and natural wonders. From the iconic Machu Picchu to the lush Amazon rainforest, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in Peru. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best secret places, bars, and free attractions in Peru.

Machu Picchu is perhaps the most iconic attraction in Peru, but there are also plenty of hidden gems to discover in the Sacred Valley. One such place is Moray, an ancient Incan agricultural site that features a series of circular terraces. It’s a fascinating and beautiful spot to explore, and you’ll likely have it mostly to yourself.

Another hidden gem in Peru is the Huacachina Oasis. This small town, located in the middle of the desert, features a beautiful oasis surrounded by palm trees and sand dunes. It’s a great place to go sandboarding, take a dip in the cool waters, or just relax and soak up the unique atmosphere.

For a taste of local nightlife, head to Ayahuasca, a popular bar in Lima that features a unique and eclectic decor. From the vintage furniture to the quirky artwork on the walls, Ayahuasca offers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that’s perfect for enjoying a drink or two.

If you’re looking for free attractions in Peru, there are plenty to choose from. For example, you can visit the Plaza de Armas in Cusco, a beautiful square that’s surrounded by stunning colonial architecture. You can also visit the Larco Museum in Lima, which features a vast collection of pre-Columbian artifacts and art.

One of the most unique free attractions in Peru is the Maras Salt Ponds. Located in the Sacred Valley, this site features thousands of small salt pools that have been in use since Incan times. It’s a fascinating and beautiful spot to explore, and you can even taste the salt straight from the pools.

If you’re looking to explore the natural wonders of Peru, the Amazon rainforest is a must-see destination. There are plenty of tours and excursions that will take you deep into the jungle, where you can spot exotic wildlife, hike through the lush forests, and even visit local indigenous communities.

In conclusion, Peru is a country that’s full of wonders, both hidden and well-known. From the iconic Machu Picchu to the lesser-known Huacachina Oasis and Moray terraces, there’s something for everyone in Peru. And with plenty of free attractions, unique bars, and natural wonders to explore, it’s a destination that’s sure to leave you awe-struck and inspired.

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