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3 invaluable lifestyle tips from Scandinavia

You had another hard day at the office. Even all the coffee in the world couldn`t wake you up properly.

Clients were especially annoying and the deadlines more pressing than ever.

But it`s over now and you are back at home. Finally. All you need is some quality time relaxing. Here`re some Scandinavian tips to help you do just that:

1. The Danish hygge

You may have heard about this widely popular Danish concept. But what is it really?

In a nutshell, it`s about enjoying the little things in life.

It can be a cup of hot chocolate, the warm light of aromatic candles and a captivating book. The smell of freshly roasted coffee in the morning or a glass of high-quality wine in the company of good friends after work.

Make yoursel cozy and satisfy the cravings of your soul. Is there anything in the world that can beat the Danish hygge?

2. The Finnish pantsdrinking

Think it`s hard to beat the Danish love of comfort and enjoyable leisure activities? Think again. The Fins offer another option that might make you even happier.

Attention, please.

We`re talking about the the Finnish term kalsarikänni that means “drinking at home, in your underwear.” It`s less fancy and much more fun, according to the Finnish people.

You had a bad day? No worries. Grab a beer or a glass of wine and sit back at your sofa with only your pants on. Already acquinted with the concept? Now you know it`s an official activity in Finland. Enjoy it!

3. The Swedish lagom

If hygge and kalsarikänni aren`t for you, check out what the Swedes have to offer.

Moderation is the secret to happiness, at least in Sweden. In other words, it`s important to find the “optimal” option at a certain moment. The ultimate goal? Striking the right balance, finding inner peace and having the “just right” amount of everything.


Inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle tips? Try them out and share your pictures and experiences in the comments down below.

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