Study Yourself - Heal Your Business

Study Yourself - Heal Your Business

There are numerous psychological books that can help you start looking deep inside of you. However, the books are written for the masses and they rarely point at or work for a specific problem you have. Do you think that you have a problem? Everyone has, although people rarely realize it.

During the development of your own business regardless of the field – mining industry, bio sphere or clothes sale, you will go through several crises of all types. Sometimes you will not believe what a great variety of crises a business can generate and what kind of decisions you will have to make. All these moments are critical for your company – as we said there is no matter what is your business – accounting services, restaurant or primary school, as well as for you, your mind, your family, and your employees.

If you are not sufficiently prepared mentally to take this burden, you may create much more serious long-term problems than you can solve during such a crisis. An example I like to give at my lectures is about a local company that set foot on the global markets on the second year since its establishment and received an offer to be acquired for $10 million. The three partners, who used to be old friends, started negotiations, which incited serious conflicts among them. The deal was not realized and the company collapsed. This is how a successful business died because of interpersonal conflicts.

At first sight, being offered $10 million is far from a crisis situation. Most of us start imagining wild parties, popping champagne bottles, and an endless feast after the fantastic success. In fact, selling a company is a type of a crisis, because such huge sum of money is a test for the mind and often causes problems one has never thought could have such effects on them. The result is making wrong decisions and taking wrong actions, or lack of actions, in the direction opposite of the right one. And during the whole time, everyone thinks that their decisions are right and rational.

To avoid such surprises, as well as to be able to react adequately in times of crises with investors, employees, competition, state institutions, or even your family, you should consult with a psychologist. It is not about asking the psychologist how you should act in a certain situation but rather undergo a therapy that aims at making you study and learn more about yourself, your reactions, and emotions, and being able to manage them adequately.

No, Stephen Covey’s books will not be of help because he aims at making you put a mask and hide from your problems without finding a solution. Using this strategy will sooner or later result in an epic failure. You should not perceive the psychologist as a person, who will heal your madness. You should perceive them as a mentor who will lead you on the road to personal development and turn you into what you have always wanted to be. Will the people around you start mocking you when they learn about it? Read this instead!

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