How Those Around You Affect You?

How Those Around You Affect You?

Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.

Sigmund Freud

Every end is a new beginning. I would like to bring your focus to the new beginning. It is not about the beginning of your new business but the beginning of a different way of thinking, without which you can hardly achieve success in anything.

Get rid of the oppressors around you

Some time ago I came across an interesting psychological test, which I would like to draw your attention to here. It was published in the book How to Master our Emotions by Nina Rubstein, which I highly recommend to you to read, too:

“Have you ever been in a situation when the person you love:

  • Is controlling your time by constantly asking where and how you spend it?
  • Is blaming you for both your and their failures?
  • Is punishing you for your mistakes?
  • Is exerting strict control on your actions by asking you for particularly detailed reports?
  • Is be against your relations with your parents or friends?
  • Is criticizing your outward appearance, behavior, speech, body, manners, preferences, and values?
  • Is flying into a rage because of your behavior?
  • Is controlling your phone calls, checking your email, messages, or is banning you from using your phone?
  • Is mocking you?
  • Is underestimating, insulting, or ridiculing your values and considers them unworthy?
  • Is beating and pushing, kicking, pinching, biting you or your things?
  • Is making you eat, sleep, satisfy your other natural needs against your will?
  • Is depriving you of food or sleep and stopping you from satisfying our other natural needs?
  • Is accusing you of harming both yourself and others?
  • Is depriving you of your valuables and things you cherish against your will?


If you have a positive answer even to a single one of these questions, you are a subject of physical, psychological, economic, and sexual violence.”

The reason I put this test here is to make you think about your relationship and the people around you. No matter whether you have a spouse, a person you live with, or a casual relationship, you must be sure that these relations bear a direct effect on your successes and failures.

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