Why You Should Care About The Quality Of Your Website

Why You Should Care About The Quality Of Your Website

Quality is the last thing most people dealing with AdSense websites business think of. Usually, the only goal of the authors of these projects is to make money. As I mentioned, if money becomes a fixation, the quality of the project, which includes the content, design, functionality, and to a great extent the entire project’s whole point, is affected negatively.

The wish to satisfy consumers’ needs is replaced by complex (often pointless) strategies for a delusion of consumers with the purpose to reach the desired number of clicks on a concrete banner faster and more easily. The result of all this is the appearance of identical websites. They are empty in terms of content or if there is any at all, it is there only to be indexed by the search engines and to deceive a consumer to enter this specific website.

Satisfying consumers’ needs is not the purpose of these websites. These websites do not have any clear goal, future, past, or audience, they do not have any content and sense – they exist only to serve as mediators between the consumer and the advertiser – nothing more. If these websites, which are hundreds of thousands, suddenly disappear, no one will notice it, no one will feel their absence. The internet will simply get rid of useless padding, which is cranked out in gigabytes every day all over the world.

If we assume that the quality you can achieve in the process of a website’s creation is 100%, then owning only one such website will be best. You will focus your entire resource on it. If you have 10 or 100 websites, it is more than clear that you will have to make a certain compromise and each one of them will use from 10% to 1% of your potential, attention, and creativity. The lack of clear strategy and focus will end up in you having to working more and more, while the result of your work will remain unnoticed and it will bring no real benefits for any of the websites in question. That is why it is better to invest all your energy in one single website.

However, the quality of your project depends on your approach towards it, not only on your goal. I have often met people, who start an online store with the idea to sell a single product per week, which is enough to pay for the hosting expenses. Others start the project in full awareness of the fact that there are already established leaders in this segment and they will never catch up with them but they are satisfied with having even 10% of their revenues.

Such resignation before the very start of your project will doom you to failure. You cannot start an online project that may attract millions, even billions of consumers and at the same time stay satisfied when you realize 100 visitors per day. When you set yourself low goals, you set a certain cap. Low goals lead to low results, while the low results you expect on the grounds of your low goals restrict your resource, even before you have invested it.

Thus, instead of launching a unique website with perfect design, functionalities, and original content that give people pleaser and excitement and they enter your website every day, you start your project with compromises in the aforementioned components with the clear notion that it will not be “a million dollar website” after all. If you start your project with such attitude you are about to realize a stillborn project, which you will be trying to reanimate for years to come by continuing making compromises with the money invested in rescue operations.

The only successful approach for any kind of internet project is to set yourself the clear goal that you are making something unique and it will be Number 1 in the near future, and you will do your best to materialize that. You will not save $100 or $1,000 from the design, you will not steal articles or use automatic translation software because you want to incite real emotion in your consumers. You will launch as many functions as you know your consumers will need and not just enough functions so that you can say that you have a website.

Indeed, making websites, as I described it, is easy, especially for AdSense projects. But this is only the technical part, what you are required to do is to manage to realize the most important thing – to bring life to the website, to create content (text, pictures, video, products, or something else), which consumers need, and if they don’t – to create this need. If your idea is to create the two thousand three hundred and twenty-eighth website for tourism, offering the same pointless information already provided by the other 2,397 websites, you should simply give up. Neither consumers will be satisfied and happy, nor will you win. What is certain, though, is that you will lose both your own and your consumers’ time.

Quality of the consumers

Young internet entrepreneurs are rarely interested in the quality of the internet consumers entering their websites. However, this is highly important for AdSense. This is why the strategy of breaking up the project into 10 or 100 micro-websites is not working as you plan it.

If a website of yours has 1,000 consumers, they enter there in different ways – through Google, links put in different places, social media sharing, or directly because they liked it when they entered it before. The higher the direct traffic, the more you can rely on it being of high quality and that consumers’ visits are not by chance – because a certain search engine has placed you in a top position for a short while, but rather because they know that they will find what they are looking for on your website. Then, you can be sure that the consumers will check more than one page and they may even click on a banner. When you have 100 websites with 10 daily visitors per each, in most cases this is accidental traffic of transit consumers, who will hardly return there intentionally.

So, if the website attracting 1,000 visitors makes X money per month, then the 100 websites attracting 10 visitors a day will make 10 times less if they make any at all.

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