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How To Buy Ripple On Changelly? Step-By-Step Guide

While there are many cryptocurrency exchanges out there, Changelly mainly impresses with its super-intuitive interface and user-friendly outlook. The platform itself does not store your coins but rather transfers them directly to your wallet.

You can trade with various cryptocurrencies and purchase tokens with EU or USD. Take notice that Changelly does not currently support PayPal so you have to use your credit/debit card or bank account. Chanegelly does not require verification but it has its drawbacks as well.

Let’s say you want to sell your Ripple or Ethereum tokens for USD or EU. You cannot this on Changelly. But what you can do is transfer your coins to your Coinbase account and trade them there. Yes, it is a little bit complicated but not a pain at all. Speaking of Chagelly, let’s see how it works. In the example we are going to show you how to buy Ripple tokens – the XRPs. Ripple is considered to have great potential due to its network implementation in financial institutions. Here is the Ripple chart for the last 12 months.

Step 1. Register your account. The sign-up button is top-right.



Tired of typing your email? No problem, the systems allows you to join with your social network profile.


Once you fill in your credentials, you will receive a confirmation email that also contains your password. Make sure you check your box on time 🙂

Step 2. Buy some coins.

Enter the amount you’d like to spend on cryptocurrency and choose what tokens you like to get. After you are sure everything is fine, hit “Next”.

The next page will ask you to enter your wallet address. If you like to purchase Ripple as in the example you might be using Rippex. Type your wallet address and click next. Rippex wallet does not require destination tag 🙂

Make sure you type your address correctly; otherwise, you may send coins to someone else!

The next page requires your confirmation. Double-check everything and hit “Next”.

The last thing you have to do is enter your card or bank account info in order to transfer your money.

That’s it! You are now a prospective owner of Ripple tokens. In a couple of minutes, your coins will arrive in your wallet.

More on how to set up your Ripple wallet, here.

Note that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and you may lose large sums of money in a couple of minutes! Take measured risks!

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