Internet infinity (of internet)

Internet infinity (of internet)

Scientists joke that the Universe is so big that every single stupid thing you say may turn out to be true. This motto can be easily applied to the internet because the rules here are not much different. You must have the courage to offer and realize an idea, no matter how unrealistic or insane it may seem.

Here is an example from the recent past – the website. It had a simple idea – to sell every single pixel of its website to advertisers. Each pixel was sold at the price of $1, as the end-goal was to sell all 1 million pixels. To speed up the process the owner set a requirement – the minimum space was a 10×10 square, or 100 pixels. The idea sounded so absurd that the author turned into the laughing stock of many websites, TV newscasts and shows all over the world. Who the heck would want to buy pixels from a website that is nothing but an advertising spot? It turned out, however, that this was exactly what advertisers needed! After gaining global fame thanks to its absurdity, the website accumulated huge number of visits by people, who simply wanted to see how things were going. In the flash of an eye, all pixels were sold out, the author won his million and made hundreds of investors happy, while the end-consumers enjoyed the fun of watching some kind of an online reality show, witnessing how a person becomes a millionaire out of nothing in real time.

You have much bigger chance to attract the media and consumers’ attention, if your idea is absolutely absurd and unique than if you offer the latest search engine, social network, or news website.

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