3 Free Digital Marketing Courses For Beginners

3 Free Digital Marketing Courses For Beginners

Want to deepen your knowledge in the over-hyped field of digital marketing? Whether you work in marketing or you are running your own business, these courses can teach you how to succeed in your career. Check out our list of best digital marketing courses that are available for free:

1. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy`s course on Content Marketing is a free learning resource that can teach you how to build scalable, repeatable processes for creating and promoting content that converts into leads and new customers. The classes cover storytelling, effective writing, promotion, and of course analytics.

HubSpot is also offering a wide range of other certifications in the area like their Inbound Digital Marketing Course. It is an excellent addition to their Content Marketing course that can give you insights into the inbound methodology and examine topics like SEO, blogging, social media and others.

2. Google Digital Garage

Google`s free online course is just what beginners in the marketing field need. It is offering a certification and covers the basics of digital marketing like search engines, social media, analytics, content marketing and others. The company is also offering workshops and events across the world to advance the skills of every wannabe digital marketer.

3. Marketing Courses on edX

The edX platform offers some free marketing and business-related courses that are launched by famous universities from around the world. For example, the course presented by the University of Edinburgh and named “Introduction to Marketing: Tools to Set Enterprises Apart”  is free and claiming to cover practical marketing strategies and tools to teach enterprises how to be competitive in the marketplace. If the learner wants to add a verified certificate to their learning experience, they can do so by paying $49. You can as well browse their other courses, some of which are paid here.

Other valuable digital marketing resources can be found on HubSpot`s marketing blog and the popular blog of Brian Dean, Backlinko. At the same time, the Content Marketing Institute`s website is offering valuable research, articles, and resources in the field of content marketing. Also, check out their training offers.

Summing it all up, the internet is full of expert advice on how to become a better digital marketer. Some of it is even coming to you for free. Waste no time and start learning! If you have a favorite resource that is missing from this list, please feel free to share it in the comments.

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