How to Enjoy Copenhagen on a Budget?

How to Enjoy Copenhagen on a Budget?

Longing for the ultimate Scandinavian experience? Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is the perfect representation of the Scandinavian spirit – minimalistic, modern, wildly creative and laid back.

But as we all know the Scandinavian countries happen to be quite expensive destinations. No worries, we have got you covered. Here is a list of activities you can enjoy even if your pockets are empty.

Stroll around Nyhavn

You may have heard that Nyhavn or the new harbor is Copenhagen`s most popular spot. And the best part is that it is absolutely free to visit it. Use the opportunity to see some tall ships and picturesque houses, while taking your laid-back walk around. Don`t miss on house number 20, where famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen was living in 1835 when he published its first volume of beloved fairy tales.

If you get hungry, grab some high-quality Danish beer and a snack and make a picnic by the canals. This is what the locals do, so you get a bonus point for immersing yourself in Danish culture. Plus, restaurants in the area are quite expensive.

Discover Danish culture and design

Forget Milan and Paris when it comes to style and design. If you are a design geek, Copenhagen is the place for you. The city is full of stylish visuals in the form of art, furniture, and lightning. It is hard to ignore the simplicity that streams from the street art, as well as the galleries and museums around the city.

Want to know the best part? Many of the Danish cultural attractions are absolutely free. Start with the Danish Museum of Art and Design. Normally, it costs 10 euro, but on Sundays the entry is free. If you are into contemporary art, check out Nikolaj Kunsthal, the National Gallery of Denmark, and Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Other museums that are worth seeing are the National Museum of Denmark (, where you can easily imagine you are on a Viking ship ready to conquer the world. However, each of these museums has a free entry in different days of the week, so be sure to check this in advance.

The green escape

Copenhagen is a proud representative of the Scandinavian deep bond with nature. It is visible all around Scandinavian cities, where green spaces are worshiped by the locals.

So, a true Scandinavian experience definitely includes a visit to one of the numerous green parks and gardens that also happen to be free of charge. Enter the Botanical Garden that is perhaps the most impressive among them. It is also a nice option for a cold and rainy day with its glasshouses, where you can see an exhibition of more than 13,000 species. You can make a quick online tour here.

Bike your way around

Another ultimately Danish thing to do is to bike around the streets of Copenhagen. The city boasts with great cycling infrastructure, so riding a bike is fun, relatively safe and may even be completely free of charge.

It is possible to borrow a bike for a deposit of 20 kr that will be returned once you have finished your biking tour. The free bikes are available around the city from May to October and you can return the bike at any of the free rentals around the city. Still, you should know that biking without lights at night is illegal. Therefore, if you do a night tour, make sure you have bought lights in advance.

Free up in Christiania

The Freetown of Copenhagen, Christiania, is a unique and controversial place you just need to see first-hand. Christiania is a collectively controlled village, where settlers build their own houses and pay no taxes.

Most tourists are attracted by the relaxed atmosphere, the interesting architecture, and the fact that pots and hash are allowed within Christiania`s area.

But it is also important to know that Christiania is much different than the rest of Copenhagen – it is considered quite rough and violent. Follow the rules introduced by the locals, so that you can avoid unnecessary problems. For example, visitors are not allowed to take pictures, run and talk on the phone. Sounds strange? Christiania happens to be a strange place, and maybe that`s why it is so charming.

To wrap it up, Copenhagen is a diverse place that can offer chill, culture, extraordinary design and green spaces. What is more, all of these activities can be found for free. Book a low-cost flight and free some time for your trip to Copenhagen without breaking the bank.

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